~ Mindfulness-Based Psychotherapy ~

In addition to talk therapy, I offer short-term, solution-focused psychotherapy using various mindfulness-based and imaginal techniques.

Some examples of these techniques include Experiential Focusing Therapy, Visually Guided Imagery, Sensory Grounding Exercises, Vipassana or Insight Meditation, Walking Meditation, Smile and Laughter Meditation, Self- and Other-Forgiveness and Compassion Meditation, Mandala drawing, and Contemplative and Experiential Meditations in Nature (Contemplative Ecopsychology) on transitions, liminal space, illusions of difference, etc.

For those interested, this treatment frame offers an alternative to talk therapy to address distressing feelings, thoughts and behaviors. Treatment would be specifically structured, occurring over a previously agreed upon amount of time (e.g., 8-12 weeks), and would require practicing skills and techniques outside of session.

Once completed, we could revisit your initial intentions so as to determine if a longer course of talk therapy meets your new interests and needs. Preferred practices could then be integrated into treatment for those interested in pursuing a longer course of psychotherapy.