~Religion & Spirituality ~

My relationship with and experience of  “G-O-D”  is defined by my courage to live my questions, rather than defend my answers.

For instance, my favorite definition of  “G-O-D”  is an enigma in and unto itself. Often attributed to alchemical, mystical practices, it embodies both an ambiguous origin as well as a paradoxical meaning:

“…an intelligible sphere whose center is everywhere and whose circumference is nowhere.”

Simply put, in the context of fully grasping a concept as infinite as  “G-O-D,”  human language and understanding can only take us so far.

Logically speaking,  “G-O-D”  cannot be precisely and concisely defined. If we could, what then of faith and mystery?  Wonder and curiosity?

Otherwise put, who are we to presuppose the manner in which  “G-O-D”  comes to visit?

From this perspective, regardless of one’s chosen faith, any religious and spiritual lens can deepen insight into the roots of human suffering and the  means of healing .