~ Continuing Education ~

Over the past year, I have completed extensive online training modules through the Spiritual Competency and Resource Center (SCRC), including on topics such as forgiveness and self-compassion as well as mystical experiences and recognizing differences between psychospiritual crises and major mental illness.

I attend quarterly conferences on the integration of existential philosophy into clinical treatment through the New England Center for Existential Therapy.  At PCSSS, I also participate in monthly in-service clinical trainings, exploring the intersection of psychology and theology, as well as triannual seminars on various topics related to the field of pastoral counseling.

In 2017, I hope to begin shamanic field training through The Foundation for Shamanic Studies.  Along these lines, I will also be further honing my clinical expertise in Transpersonal Psychology by beginning an apprenticeship with Dr. Leonard Gibson and Elizabeth Gibson in Dreamshadow Transpersonal Breathwork.  This latter intervention draws upon the inherent wisdom of shamanic healing by engaging in deep and rapid breathing while listening to evocative rhythmic patterns.  This process evokes states of consciousness conducive to spontaneous integration of perinatal and early developmental nonverbal memories, as well as of experiences that transcend the limitations of Western, biomedical perspectives and traditions.

I also intend to reconnect with SCRC so as to engage in various mindfulness training modules.

I have presented professionally at local, regional, and national forums, including on topics such as:

  • using mindfulness to treat depression in aging communities
  • integrating existential, archetypal and clinical perspectives on Shadow and Light, and
  • advocating for the needs of adults suffering with chronic major mental illness.

I have also served as a Doctoral Dissertation Committee Member for an empirical study on lucid dreaming, facilitated community outreach projects (such as a mental health movie series), and am writing a book on the psychospiritual nature and significance of imaginary friends.