~ Continuing Education ~

Over the past year, I have continued to engage in extensive online training modules through the Spiritual Competency and Resource Center (SCRC), particularly amplifying my study of mindfulness and meditation. These areas of study have included a survey of the neurological research on mindfulness, mindfulness for parents and families, using mindfulness with children in schools and in treatment, various applications of mindfulness across the field of cognitive-behavioral therapy (e.g., MBCT, DBT, ACT, MBSR), misuses and contraindications of mindfulness practices, and using yoga in psychotherapy. Past training modules I have completed through SCRC have included topics such as forgiveness and self-compassion as well as mystical experiences and recognizing differences between psychospiritual crises and major mental illness.

I attend quarterly conferences on the integration of existential philosophy into clinical treatment through the New England Center for Existential Therapy. At PCSSS, I also participate in monthly in-service clinical training seminars, exploring the intersection of psychology and theology, as well as triannual gatherings on various topics related to the field of pastoral counseling. Of these gatherings, I most recently facilitated a CEU-granting training entitled Re-Envisioning Imaginary Companionship as a Psychospiritual Phenomenon in Plymouth, MA in May, 2018. Other triannual gatherings I have attended included topics such as helping conservative Christian parents and families when a child discloses a same-sex orientation and helping patients navigate public assistance when experiencing significant financial stress. I am also planning to attend an upcoming triannual training on unmasking unintentional examples of discrimination in our society and culture. (See the Unmasking Microaggressions flyer posted under the Teaching and Training tab.)

In June, 2018, I began shamanic field training through The Foundation for Shamanic Studies, and intend to amplify this training by attending a follow-up seminar in December.

In March, 2017, I began a 2-year-long apprenticeship with Dr. Leonard Gibson and Elizabeth Gibson in Dreamshadow Transpersonal Breathwork, whereby I am further honing my clinical expertise in Transpersonal Psychology. This intervention draws upon the inherent wisdom of shamanic healing by engaging in deep and rapid breathing while listening to evocative rhythmic patterns. This process evokes states of consciousness conducive to integrating perinatal and early developmental nonverbal memories and/or traumas, difficult and traumatic experiences from later stages of development, as well as experiences that transcend the limitations of Western, biomedical perspectives and traditions.

I have experience presenting professionally at local, regional, and national forums, including on topics such as:

  • imaginary companionship as a psychospiritual phenomenon
  • using mindfulness to treat depression in aging communities
  • integrating existential, archetypal and clinical perspectives on Shadow and Light, and
  • advocating for the needs of adults suffering with chronic major mental illness.

I have also served as a Doctoral Dissertation Committee Member for an empirical study on lucid dreaming, facilitated community outreach projects (such as a mental health movie series), and am working on various writing projects regarding the psychospiritual essence of imaginary companionship.